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Children's Book Commissions

Children's book illustrations

Have an idea for a great children's book? Want to bring it to life? Contact me to work together. 

Options are:

* Commissioned work - You pay me per illustration to bring your book to life. After the work - all the profits will go to you.

* Co-Creator work - You and I join forces to bring your book to life and the profits will be shared 50-50%. (This will usually be published through Lasaviapublishing - and will have to go through them to see if it is something they are looking for)
** Please note - This is subject to my availability and if I can suit your story**

$70 (NZD) per page.
* The price will change depending on what style you would want it. 
* If it's a simple style - then it will be less than this price.

Please contact me for any questions.