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Collection of Jenn's books that are available in Amazon. If you would like the book signed by Mike or Jenn, please email her on to arrange this. 


Taniwha - English Ver


Taniwha! This is the first children's book I've made with my former professor - Mike Johnson. It's rhythmic so it's great for children under 3, and it's a great introduction to poetry! Then there is my pictures there too including the macaroon monster.


Taniwha - Eng + Te Reo (Maori) VER


This is the second print of Taniwha from popular demand! New Zealand has two languages, one English and one Te Reo. If you're interested in our small country - check this awesome language out! Even if you can't understand the language, you can read both and get your children used to the sound! 
Note! Te Reo's 'wh' is prounced as 'f'