Author, Comic Artist and Illustrator
The Art of Lub #1

Comic Commissions

Make an exclusive comic about your life that can be made into memorabilia, cards, invitations or a small book. 

I usually do four panel style panels, but if your story cannot be told in four cuts, then I'll do my very best to do justice to your story!

Whether it's based on real events or an idea you had, don't just have it in your head, share your stories to the world. 

(If you are looking for a continuous comic, please let me know in advance)


Pricing: (All NZD)

$50 per page for grayscale and $60 for color

Comic cover art: $70 for grayscale and $80 for Color

$50 for 4 panel comic/one page comic - color.
$ 30 for same as above but grayscale.

*Pricing can change depending on the work involved - price will be set before work starts*