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Jennifer Rackham grew up in Rotorua, New Zealand, who was constantly told she had no talent in art and to give it up before she seriously hurts herself. Instead of following the advice,
she took it as a challenge and now she draws and writes. 

At first she followed her family's wishes and studied law, politics and international relations at University of Victoria and moved to Japan to work as a coordinator of international relations. However she couldn't keep away from writing and drawing and came back to Auckland to study creative writing at Auckland University of Technology. After completing her Masters degree in Creative Writing, she teamed up with her mentor and professor to create Taniwha, and entered the world of children's book illustrations, book cover designs and publishing. 

She equally loves writing and published her first novel: A Dash of Belladonna (while expecting her first child). 
She lives with her husband, cat and soon a daughter. 

When she's not drawing or writing, she's playing Taiko drums around Auckland or
playing games with her game developer husband. 


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