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What's in the works?

To those wondering what an earth I am doing right now, not publishing books and drawing things, here's what I'm up to! 
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Project 1: A Dash of Bella Donna - By Jenn Rackham

My first debut book! 

So this story started as an internet blog story, and it had a lot of people interested in it, so now it's a book! 

It's about a girl who arrives in New Zealand to learn the secret of brewing magic potions, finding that there are much darker forces at play, threatening to snatch her peaceful apprentice life and those around her. 

It's a story written in letter format. I'll give you the blurb here so you can see for yourself:

Dearest friend,

Tomorrow I fly to New Zealand, a country in which my future master will no doubt teach me the deepest secrets of brewing the most marvellous, miraculous and magical potions. Perhaps he will teach me how to make an invisibility potion — no, no. Too mundane. I’m sure he’ll teach me the sort of magic that paints the milky way in the darkest of skies, or swaps the sky and the still ocean, or the ones that makes fireflies dance in winter. Okay, all of those are illegal and no one has been able to make such powerful potions for centuries, but a girl can dream, right? 

Ma, of course, thinks I’m going to get kidnapped by some moustache-twirling villain and become embroiled in a magical struggle between the government and the evil doers. I can almost hear you rolling your eyes at this absurd turn of events. If I had a say, I’d add a dash of danger and adventure in there. Why stop at getting kidnapped? Why not rebirth an ancient magic everyone thought was extinct? What if this discovery put everyone in danger and I had to go against people who I loved and trusted? 

While it’s interesting to entertain such mischievous thoughts, let’s not give Ma reasons to burst through the door and burn my apprenticeship acceptance letter. Still, what would I do if I found myself in a series of such nonsensical events? Who knows? But I promise you I wouldn’t give up without a proper, magical fight.

Your Fantabulous Friend.


Copy-editing for the book is complete! Next steps are:
- Final proof reading (DONE!)
- Spot check proof reading (DONE!)
- Internal Design (DONE!)
- E-book Design (DONE!)
- PRINT!  (Done!)

It's out now!!

DOBD Cover Facebook banner.jpg


Project 2: Tales of Borderland - By Phillip Mann and Illustrated by Jenn Rackham.




This is a huge project! I really didn't think it will take this long when I first signed up with Phill. It's a ten short story based on the cute critters that live in our rock pools. 
It has already been published on Radio with amazing voice actors, but this is the first time it's being illustrated! 

Here's some sneak peeks: 

Currently, I'm at Story 9 out of Story 10. Each Story has about 6-8 illustrations. I'm hoping this will be done by end of 2017 - Being ambitious here. 

Then it'll have to go through the publishing company - hopefully they don't find weird illustration mishaps (hey it happened in the Little Mermaid, it can happen here) 
Then load it up - go through bookstores and distributors ---- theeeeen available! :D


Project 3: Kenni and the Roof Slide - By Mike Johnson and Illustrated by Jenn Rackham

This project was pushed to the side when Project 2 came into play... I love working with Mike Johnson, so it's a bit of a shame that it's been delayed! 

Here's a sneak peek into this one:

- This was supposed to start after Project 2... but Project 3's progress is a little delayed because there's a lot of going back and forth between me and the author. So when I'm waiting for the author to reply (and life happens, sometimes they can't reply for like 3 months!) then I work on this... and wow I'm done!

- Finished Illustrations
- Sent to proof reader
- Received ISBN number and cover template
- Awaiting final look through for accidental illustration mishap or text mishap. 

Project 4: Fox Rain - By Jenn Rackham 

When I'm not editing or doing work on A Dash of Belladonna, I am working on my new fantasy series. I have no idea what the name is going to be, so Fox Rain is just a place holder. 

It's about a mage who lost her name, travelling with an immortal who lost his memories. They are on a journey to find the dragon of Death and Decay, who has decided to turn against the world. It's based on my web-comic I used to draw.
So far it's at 30,000 words, and I am about 1/4 way through. 
So much work to do though...  I''m predicting maybe 2019? 


This has been on hold for a while... 
I've just read a review from a fellow NZ writer. I'll update more once I'm allowed to put it up here!